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What should I wear?


The class can be taken in bare feet or socks and you should wear clothing that are, free moving, light wear and comfortable fitted - Leggings, tracksuit bottoms or shorts.

What equipment do I need?

Each class is different. You will need the following:

- Hand weights (Varied weight - 1KG - 3KG)

- Long resistance band

- Loop band

- Yoga mat

- Small pilates ball

What are the levels of fitness required for the class?


Each class has different levels of fitness - please contact Emma for further details. But those with major hip, knee or foot problems the class is unsuitable. Also those who are pregnant or post natal - please contact Emma.


What time should I log onto the zoom live classes?


The classes will be able to be accessed 10 minutes before the start.


What should I expect?


The class is a low impact class that flows between exercises to increase stamina and strength.


How long does the class last?


Open Barre class: 1 hour 

Stretch and mobility: 45 minutes 

Online pre recorded classes: These vary in time. from 10-50 minutes


How do I pay for the class?

You can book and pay through the website. There are options to purchase a live class pass which will be added to your profile as credit. This credit can be used towards all our live classes.

I have a medical condition or a recent injury; will this prevent me from attending a class?

As with all exercise, please seek medical advice from your GP before attending any classes. Each student is required to fill in a health questionnaire know as a Pre - Exercise Assessment Questionnaire - this should be filled out prior to starting your first class.

What do I do if I need to cancel my class?

Please contact Emma if you have booked and are unable to attend any class. Please note that you have 4 hours to cancel your spot. 

Booking onto a class:

To book onto a class. Please head to BOOK A CLASS page ​click on the the class you would like to attend by choosing the type of class you are interested in - these choices are at the top of the page. Once you have found the class, for example BARRE, LIIT CLASS. Please scroll down the page to find the day and location you would like to attend.  From here, please click the class and find the date you would like to attend, click the time and this will take you through to the booking page.  Its time to checkout.  The system will give you two options - Book a session - £ or Buy a pricing plan ( e.g live class pass) We use PayPal to process our payments. Please note that you do not need a PayPal account - you can check out as a guest by inputting your cards details - Cambridge Barre Workout do not hold any card details.  

Covid19 : During this time social distancing is still an important factor. So while face to face classes are running we are running at a limited class number.

If it is your first class please arrive 15 minutes before the class,  If you have any symptoms SEE HERE  or personally self isolating, please do not attend the class. 

For each class a register is taken, this is a track and trace system. And you if start feeling symptoms and test positive after attending a class you must contact Emma to confirm the results with the date. 

The class is held at The Colours of Dance Studios and here are their Terms and Conditions found in section 7

Gift cards:

The gift cards must be redeemed within the expiry date. The gift card in non transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash and has no cash value.  Booking policy applies - please contact for further details.

How to redeem your gift card.

Please contact here Cambridge Barre Workout by email.

Referral Scheme: 

A unique referral link (URL) will be generated for each site member. This link is visible when a member visits the Refer Friends page on your site.


The link can be shared/used multiple times. It can be easily shared via Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn and Pinterest from the Refer Friends page, or copied to clipboard to be shared in another way.

Online Group Coaching:

The online group coaching run on a month on month basis. Please click here for further details.

Online 121 Coaching: 

The online group coaching run on a month on month basis. Please click here for further details.

Online Fitness Classes:


Online Subscription - These run as a monthly subscription, and can be cancelled at anytime. You have unlimited access throughout the month.  The  videos are run through Vimeo and all payments are taken by Vimeo, we do not hold any payment details or control any login in and cancellation details. This is controlled by the user.

The Monthly subscription is updated every two weeks and the old ones stay on the system. So you never get bored! 

What to expect:

 - Warm up

 - Barre Section

 - Weight, resistance or floor section

 -  Body Blast - Warm up, Barre and Cool Down 

- Low Impact HiiT Workout 

- New Dance Cardio Workout

-Yoga Classes

- Stretch and Mobility Classes

Use Google Chrome to view the 4 Week Challenge videos and Non Sub-videos.

4 Week Challenge, 4 Week Core Programme & Power Up Plan:

Once you have purchased the 4 week challenge or core program you have 2 months to complete the challenge before the system closes your profile. Once you have purchased the 4 week challenge or core program you will receive an email confirming purchase along side printable planners, accountability sheets and a welcome pack. 

You will need the following equipment - 

Finding the videos.  Once you have purchased the videos -  You need to stay logged into you profile, and head to the 4 week challenge drop down where you will be able to access all 4 weeks workout videos. 

Non Subscription - Once you have purchased the Non Subscription Videos you have access to 4 videos. These videos are not updated.  


Finding the videos.  Once you have purchased the videos -  You need to stay logged into you profile (you will have a profile due to purchasing an item from the website), click or hover over on the Non Subscription Video tab and click on the videos you have purchased - Non Subscription

The Non Subscription Videos - These are a one off payment and once purchased you have unlimited access.  These videos will not be updated. 

For Pre and Post Natal clients, please get in touch regarding the workouts. 

Before starting the online classes , please make sure you look over the disclaimer form  

Online Programme 

Once you purchase our online programmes you will gain access to the programme once the programme starts. The programmes can be run through our website or through the CBW Wix App - For Android Phones LINK for Apple Phones LINK. You will need to log into both these using your email and password you used to purchase the programme. 

Once you have purchased a programme you can access your results and progress through your members page. This can be found when you log into your account and click the drop down account menu. Here you be able to view your purchases, contact details and more! 

Once purchased any of the online classes there is NO refund.  

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