121 Online Coaching

This is all about you and your goals, I am here to support and encourage. 


£99 Per Month

(£23.02 Per Week)


You will get the following support:

 Personal consultation discussing goals and targets.


*Body Measurements

*Lifestyle Questionnaire 

This consultation can be over FaceTime or Skype and should take up to 45 minutes to discuss the above details .


*Personal weekly at home exercise plans. Achievable timed exercises 20 - 45 Minute exercises, tailored to your needs and ability. 


*With minimal space needed.  

*You will receive weekly updated workouts through a tractable app with video tutorials. And these are updated every week. And you can log your progress through the app. We will also be able to catch up throughout the week, through this app. 

* You will have access to 5 workouts each week, but this program is flexible. If you only have time to workout 3-4 times a week, that's fine! 


*Access to the Online Subscription Classes – these are updated every two weeks.

 *Personal nutritional advice tailored from the information collected from our consultation and meal ideas.   

* Access to printable meal and life planners to help organise your weeks.


* Live PT session each week - This includes Q&A and a Class.  

*Weekly catch ups to help motivate and check if we are on the right tracks

 *24 Hour Support from me. 

NOTE: If you are pregnant or postnatal, or have any health issues please get in touch!