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About Me


Welcome to Cambridge Barre Workout! As a fitness trainer, my mission is to help you achieve a strong and fit body. With a variety of online programs and challenges, I can help you improve your core strength and overall fitness. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced fitness enthusiast, I will design a personalised exercise programme that fits your needs. With my guidance, you'll be able to achieve your fitness and lifestyle goals . Take us with you wherever you go, as our online platform allows you to workout anytime, anywhere. Get started today and let's train together!

Work With Me

I want to empower you to be the strongest mentally and physically. 

Whether you have a goal or not sure where you start, I will support you through your journey.

                                                     £99 Per Month

                                                  (£23.02 Per Week)

Rolling Yoga Mat

Movement and Nutrition Coaching

  • Set, tailored workouts each week

  • Understanding rest, hormonal changes, peri and menopause focus and recovery

  • Online Coaching - setting your focus 

  • Working to understand nutritional habits and skills

  • Weekly calls and access to your coach throughout the week

Rolling Yoga Mat
Image by Max van den Oetelaar
Image by Fabian Møller

Mindset Work

  • Making nutrition and exercise  work for you

  • Working on roadblocks

  • Understanding how to make change

  • Focus on your own individual needs, goals and habit building

  • Understanding our needs and self-compassion 

Tina, Cambs

At first, we didn’t even talk about nutrition - but what a journey this has been, and still is! What Emma offers in her personal coaching goes well beyond exercise.


Emma has kept me sane during lockdown, has completely changed how I think about self care, my body, how I fuel it, what it is I actually need. I feel I am developing a new found kindness towards myself, exploring how to keep myself fit and healthy and strong, not just physically, but in all aspects of wellbeing.


I have always had issues around food, both emotionally and physically, and Emma has provided me with a lot of insight with her kind, wholistic approach. Thank you Emma


Anne, London


I have been training with Emma since November 2021 and I highly recommend her one-to-one barre workout.

She is a body expert and has shown great experience with my needs.


I work sitting down, in a very bad posture and was crippled with aches and pains. She tailored a programme to help me achieve my objectives and the results have been very impressive; I have been strengthening my muscles and core, as well as toning my body, I am much more flexible and I feel my metabolism is faster. I feel transformed physically but also mentally.


Laura, Northants

“The online classes are fantastic. Every class is different, challenging and well explained. It keeps me interested and motivated, and I am able to do the class at a time that suits me. I would recommend it to everyone!”
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