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A year ago I was over weight and unfit. Thanks to Emma and her barre classes and a healthy eating plan I have lost 3 stone and feel absolutely marvelous. I feel fitter and healthier than I have ever done and am looking forward to my big 50 this year as I feel great. Emmas class is enjoyable, a very good all round work out and to see the improvement in my fitness over the year has been quite surprising. She really encourages you to work hard but doesn't beat you up if you can't do something!! Thank you so much Emma, fantastic class.

I have recently lost some weight and I needed a class that was good for toning. This class is perfect for that, in that time I have noticed that my body shape has changed and I'm seeing more definition. I cannot recommend this class enough to all levels of fitness. Emma is a great teacher and really watches your technique to make sure you are getting the best from the class. I was really nervous at first as I'm not the fittest person and considered not going but thankfully I did and the results really do show. Thank you Emma X

This is a great class to go to, I've only been going for 5 weeks and I cannot get enough of it. I attend the mother and baby class which is fantastic for me and my 3month old. I can workout without the stress of worrying about my baby because if she winges or needs attention I can comfort her within the class, I can even have her join in with me with some exercises, which is a great way to keep that bond with your baby.

It's a class that works your whole body, working on individual muscle groups with individual workouts and small routines for groups of muscles at once.

It is a really enjoyable class and Emma the teacher is lovely, she's so friendly, confident

and approachable. She shows you how to do everything, adapts it if you need to, and is just brilliant. She is so patient if your baby needs attention and just tells you to join in when you can .

I would recommend this class to anyone who has had a baby and wants to get back into exercise, as its low impact and a full on workout which will guarantee you to work up a sweat.

Emma delivers amazing classes.  They are fun, inspiring and thoughtful.  


Cleverly, her classes are suitable for all fitness levels - you will be pushed and can work as hard as you want and all the time she guides and educates so injury or learning incorrectly will never happen.

Emma's enthusiasm and love for what she does is so apparent - it's infectious :)

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