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Client Testimonials

I have recently lost some weight and I needed a class that was good for toning. This class is perfect for that, in that time I have noticed that my body shape has changed and I'm seeing more definition. I cannot recommend this class enough to all levels of fitness. Emma is a great teacher and really watches your technique to make sure you are getting the best from the class. I was really nervous at first as I'm not the fittest person and considered not going but thankfully I did and the results really do show. Thank you Emma X



Recently I discovered that reaching the menopause, I need extra help with strengthening my core muscles. Discussing this with Emma, she was helpful and understanding. She took time to discuss my targets, being mindful not to overload me and find a routine that would fit in with my busy life. The online personal training has been fantastic. I login and exercise at a time that suits me. After just a few weeks I’ve noticed how much stronger my core feels and I’m more aware of using my core and pelvic floor during exercise and everyday life. I would highly recommend Emma’s classes and online personal training for anyone going through a similar experience.

Emma delivers amazing classes.  They are fun, inspiring and thoughtful.  


Cleverly, her classes are suitable for all fitness levels - you will be pushed and can work as hard as you want and all the time she guides and educates so injury or learning incorrectly will never happen.

Emma's enthusiasm and love for what she does is so apparent - it's infectious :)


After my surgery- I was desperate to restart exercising. With Emma’s help, I got back on track, rebuilt my stamina and now feel better than ever.


Emma is naturally gifted at creating a perfect exercise and support plan to suit an individual. She’s very well trained and super knowledgeable.


I couldn’t recommend Emma more to all women looking to have personal training sessions with someone who not only has a deep understanding of women’s body and mind but is able to support them in their body/mind goals

Cambridge Barre Workout’s On Demand Classes


There’s a wide variety of videos to choose from - it feels like there’s an option for everything, whether it’s cardio, interval training, resistance or a stretch class.


Plus there are lots of different options for the length of class. The guidance and support given throughout the videos is incredibly helpful. Emma instinctively knows when alignment might be out of place, so she’ll give gentle reminders to make sure that positioning is correct. She’ll also offer adaptations to exercises, so that there are options for all levels of fitness.


The On Demand classes have made a really positive difference to my exercise routine - thank you Emma!

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