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£39.99 Per Month

(£9.30 Per Week)


You will get the following support:

 *This is a non stop workout plan.


*This is all you apart from me giving you the guidance and confidence to workout at home with workout programs tailored for all levels.


*If you are pregnant or postnatal, please get in touch! 

*You will receive weekly updated workouts through a tractable app with video tutorials. And these are updated every 6 weeks. And you can log your own progress through the app.

* You will have access to 5 workouts each week, but this program is flexible. If you only have time to workout 3-4 times a week, that's fine! 

* These workouts are tailored for the busy person. 20-45 Minute workouts. 

*Access to our Online Subscription Barre Classes

*Along with these exercises you can use the calorie counter to help you along your fitness journey. 

* Download and print meal and life planners to help organise your weeks.  

*Access to meal ideas through the Online Coaching page.

*Access to technique help videos.

*You will have access to a private Facebook group where with people also signed up to the group training plan.

* Access to a live class each week.  Helping to motivate each other.

You will need to the following equipment: 

Long resistance band

Loop Band

Hand weights x 2 - 1KG - 3KG

Group Online Coaching

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